Circular Lens Epileptic Cities 1. Ciudad Real


The city: super-structure, society life’s expression, the civilization.

We spend our days within it, walking it, discovering it, learning it and remembering it. A place we are linked in a part of our history, in the sense that all our experiences take place in it walls, in it streets and parks. Sometimes we walk fast. Others, with more time, we look up and discover a new facade, a new corner that fascinates us. The city passes quickly in front of our eyes, at the same speed than we walk in it. However, we keep in mind each of the essential places that someday were shown in front of us.

In this first video of the series Circular Lens Epileptic Cities we presented Ciudad Real, the unknown, the ugly, but the home for more or less 80.000 people, who shares with it their histories. A place like any other. It can mean everything or nothing, and it only depends on the eyes with which you look.

IMG_6594 IMG_6593 IMG_6587 IMG_6375 IMG_6366 IMG_6365 IMG_6356 IMG_6331 IMG_6299 IMG_6293 IMG_6329 IMG_6265


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